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Life of an ALT: Kyushoku (Japanese School Lunch Part 2)

Since my previous post about kyushoku (Japanese school lunch) is one of the most popular on this blog, I thought I’d make a part two.

It’s the end of term, and as the students no longer have to come to school until the end of Spring Break due to the government trying to contain the spread of the coronavirus – teachers now have to bring our own lunch in every day. (I’m currently working from home.)

So I figured it’s as good a time as any to reflect on some of the lunches I’ve had since my last post.

As before, meals always come with a carb – usually rice, but sometimes noodles or bread. I find it difficult to eat rice every day, so I often forgo this – but you can see it in some of these photos.

Fridays at my school is also bring-your-own-rice day, but I’m lazy and usually forget anyway!

Fish patty, cheese slice, bread bun (kinda like a Fillet O’ Fish), cabbage, pudding, stew.
Chicken and vegetable soup, teriyaki salmon, fried potatoes and an orange.
Vegetable soup, bread slices, fried aubergine and half a banana.
(I always wish they’d give us some butter or spread for the bread!)
Mushroom and tofu soup, beef in black bean sauce, greens and cherry tomatoes.
Egg drop soup, dried fish and noodles.
(Not going to lie – this one was a struggle!)
Noodle soup, chicken tonkatsu, cabbage and grape jelly.
Curry and rice, pickled cucumbers and pudding.
Tofu soup, root vegetables and natto.
(I gifted the natto to my tanto. Bleurgh!)
Tofu scramble, shishamo and cabbage,
Cream of mushroom soup, cabbage and hot dogs, hot dog bun and fruit salad.
Chicken and konnyaku soup, fried teriyaki fish, bean sprouts and pudding. 
Oden, bonito flakes, gohei mochi and bean sprouts.
Gohei Mochi is a traditional rice cake with a sweet miso paste. The reason it’s on a stick is because in the olden days people working in the mountains used to ate them this way! They are also made to thank the gods after harvest in Autumn
It was absolutely DELICIOUS and I remember the students and teachers alike being very hype about this school lunch!
Egg drop soup, sweet and sour chicken and a milk pudding.
Vegetable soup, shishamo, daikon salad and a mikan orange.
Vegetable soup, croquette and cabbage.
Egg drop soup, fried fish, daikon and a mikan orange.
Vegetable soup, tofu with noodles, Japanese sweet potatoes and an orange.
Sweetcorn soup, burger and fries
Will I ever tired of wholesome Japanese soups? Nope!
Curry and rice, sauteed greens and half an orange
Vegetable soup, salad and a tempura prawn.

And as a bonus – the special Japanese New Years themed lunch box we got at the start of the school year. MAN, this was delicious:

Prawn and vegetable tempura.
Teriyaki fish, rolled omelette, fish cake, egg salad, a plum (I think)
White rice.
Tuna sashimi.

Honestly, I’ve had worse bentos in Japanese restaurants back home!

Let me know what you think. I know kyushoku is very different to the school lunches I remember in the UK. How about from your country?

~ Carla

2 thoughts on “Life of an ALT: Kyushoku (Japanese School Lunch Part 2)

  1. Lovely photos! You took so many! Take care with the whole corona virus scare. The teachers at my school are actually happy about it though…more time to lesson plan! 😛


    1. Thank you so much for commenting – this is actually my first comment I’ve received on this blog! 🙂 Yeah, it became a habit for me to take photos every day – especially in my JHS where I can just eat in the teachers’ room. Please take care too!!


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