Bite-Sized Japanter

Bite-Sized Japanter #17: Japan’s Smallest Superstar

Japan’s latest viral sensation is an adorable 2-year-old called Nonoka Murakata, who competed in the 35th Children’s Song and Children’s Song Contest in November.

Winning the silver medal, the tiny tot is singing いぬのおまわりさん (Dog Policeman) a nursery rhyme about a policedog who is trying to help a lost kitty. D’aww.

Get ready to die of cute:

~ Carla

UPDATE 01/03: She’s releasing an album later this year.

Bite-Sized Japanter

Bite-Sized Japanter #16: The Curse of the Curse

This 13 year old screengrab from Japanese TV is doing the rounds again on social media.

In a clip taken in Aokigahara Forest, a person has attempted to curse someone (呪う) but actually written 祝う (“I celebrate you!”) instead.

Thank you to Grahame and Hiro-chamas for this excellent Japanter.

~ Carla

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One Second Everyday: 2020

Hi everyone – I’m back from a brief hiatus over winter vacation!

Despite the shitshow that 2020 was, I still managed to complete another year using the 1 Second Everyday app.
An entire year in under ten minutes.

Amongst the craziness, I’m happy that I took the time to make a memory every day – no matter how small – even just for a second.

You can check out my 2019 video in this post or directly on Youtube here.

~ Carla